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Captain, I., Deblonde, G.J., Rupert, P.B., An, D.D., Illy, M.C., Rostan, E., Ralston, C.Y., Strong, R.K., Abergel, R.J.
Engineered recognition of tetravalent zirconium and thorium by chelator-protein systems: toward flexible radiotherapy and imaging platforms
Inorganic Chemistry   (2016)   55(22), pp. 11930-6

  • Zirconium-3,4,3-LI(CAM)          5KHP.pdb
  • Thorium-3,4,3-LI(CAM)             5KID.pdb

Barasch, J., Hollmen, M., Deng, R., Hod, E.A., Rupert, P.B., Abergel, R.J., Allred, B.E., Xu, K., Darrah, S.F., Tekabe, Y., Perlstein, A., Wax, R., Bruck, E., Stauber, J., Corbin, K.A., Buchen, C., Slavkovich, V., Graziano, J., Spitalnik, S.L., Bao, G., Strong, R.K., Qiu, A.
Disposal of iron by a mutant form of lipocalin 2
Nature Communications  (2016)  7:12973

  • Lipocalin 2 mutant        5JR8.pdb

Strong, R.K., Finton, K.A.
The broadly neutralizing, anti-HIV antibody 4E10:  an open and shut case?       [Letter to the Editor]
Journal of Virology  (2016)   90(6), pp. 3274-5


McGuire, A.T., Gray, M.D., Dosenovic, P., Gitlin, A.D., Freund, N.T., Petersen, J., Correnti, C., Johnsen, W., Kegel, R., Stuart, A.B., Glenn, J., Seaman, M.S., Schief, W.R., Strong, R.K., Nussenzweig, M.C., Stamatatos, L.
Specifically modified Env immunogens activate B-cell precursors of broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibodies in transgenic mice
Nature Communications  (2016)    7:10618




Allred, B.E., Rupert, P.B, Gauny, S.S., An, D.D., Ralston, C.Y., Sturzbecher-Hoehne, M., Strong, R.K.,
Abergel, R.J.
Siderocalin-mediated recognition, sensitization, and cellular uptake of actinides
PNAS  (2015)     112(33), pp. 10342-7

  • Human Siderocalin + Thorium        4ZFX.pdb
  • Human Siderocalin + Thorium        4ZHC.pdb
  • Human Siderocalin + Plutonium      4ZHD.pdb
  • Human Siderocalin + Curium          4ZHF.pdb
  • Human Siderocalin + Americium     4ZHG.pdb
  • Human Siderocalin + Samarium      4ZHH.pdb

Kisiela, D.I., Avagyan, H., Friend, D., Jalan, A. Gupta, S., Interlandi, G., Liu, Y., Tchesnokova, V., Rodriguez, V.B., Sumida, J.P., Strong, R.K., Wu X.R., Thomas, W.E., Sokurendo, E.V.
Inhibition and reversal of microbial attachment by an antibody with parasteric activity against the FimH adhesin of uropathogenic E. coli

PLoS Pathogens
 (2015) 11(5): e1004857


Rosinski, S.L., Storb, R., Strong, R.K., Sale, G.E., Stone, D.M., Gewe, M.M, Friend, D.J., Abrams, V.K,
Randolph-Habecker, J., Graves, S.S. 
Anti-CD28 antibody-initiated cytokine storm in canines
Transplantation Direct  (2015)  1(2), pp.1-11

  • Anti-canine CD28 Ab 1C6 c/scFv                      4LCI.pdb
  • Anti-canine CD28 Ab bound to canine CD28    4R0L.pdb



Correia, B.E., Bates, J.T., Loomis, R.J., Baneyx, G., Carrico, C., Jardine, J.G., Rupert, P., Correnti, C., Kalyuzhniy, O., Vittal, V., Connell, M.J., Stevens, E., Schroeter, A., Chen, M., Macpherson, S., Serra, A.M., Adachi, Y., Holmes, M.A., Li, Y., Klevit, R.E., Graham, B.S., Wyatt, R.T., Baker, D., Strong, R.K., Crowe, J.E. Jr., Johnson, P.R.,
Schief, W.R.
Proof of principle for epitope-focused vaccine design

 (2014) 507(7491), pp. 201-6

  • Computationally Designed RSV-Presenting Epitope Scaffold And Its Elicited Antibody 17HD9 4N9G.pdb
  • Crystal structure of RSV epitope scaffold FFL_005 4L8I.pdb
  • Crystal structure of a designed Respiratory Syncytial Virus Immunogen in complex with Motavizumab 4JLR.pdb

Finton, K.A., Friend, D., Jaffe, J., Gewe, M., Holmes, M.A., Larman, H.B., Stuart, A., Larimore, K., Greenberg, P.D., Elledge, S.J., Stamatatos, L., Strong, R.K.
Ontogeny of recognition specificity and functionality for the broadly neutralizing anti-HIV antibody 4E10

PLoS Pathogens
  (2014) 10(9): e1004403

  • Ligand-bound GEP 1                     4M8Q.pdb
  • Unbound GEP 1                             4LRN.pdb
  • Ligand-bound GEP 2                     4M62.pdb
  • Ligand-bound GEP 7                     4ODX.pdb
  • Unbound GEP 7                             4OB5.pdb
  • Anti-canine CD28 antibody, 1C6    4LCI.pdb
  • Unbound 4E10 Fv                           4LLV.pdb


López-Yglesias, A.H., Zhao, X., Quarles, E.K., Lai, M.A., Vanden Bos, T., Strong, R.K., Smith, K.D.
Flagellin induces antibody responses through a TLR5- and inflammasome-independent pathway
Journal of Immunology
(2014) 192(4), pp. 1587-96


Ruiz, M., Ganfornina, M.D., Correnti, C., Strong, R.K., Sanchez, D.
Ligand binding-dependent functions of the lipocalin NLaz: an in vivo study in Drosophila
The FASEB Journal
  (2014) 28(4), pp.1555-67


Steigedal, M., Marstad, A., Haug, M., Damås, J.K., Strong, R.K., Roberts, P.L., Himpsl, S.D., Stapleton, A., Hooton, T.M., Mobley, H.L.,
Hawn, T.R., Flo, T.H.
Lipocalin 2 imparts selective pressure on bacterial growth in the bladder and is elevated in women with urinary tract infection

Journal of Immunology
 (2014) 193(12), pp.6081-9



Allred, B.E., Correnti, C., Clifton, M.C., Strong, R.K., Raymond, K.N.
Siderocalin outwits the coordination chemistry of vibriobactin, a siderophore of Vibrio cholerae

ACS Chemical Biology
 (2013) 8(9), pp. 1882-7

  • The structure of Human Siderocalin bound to the bacterial siderophore fluvibactin 4K19.pdb 

Finton, K.A., Larimore, K., Larman, H.B., Friend, D., Correnti, C., Rupert, P.B., Elledge, S.J., Greenberg, P.D., Strong, R.K.
Autoreactivity and exceptional CDR plasticity (but not unusual polyspecificity) hinder elicitation of the anti-HIV antibody 4E10
PLoS pathogens
(2013) 9(9): e1003639

  • The structure of the unbound form of anti-HIV antibody 4E10 Fv 4LLV.pdb 

Hoot, S., McGuire, A.T., Cohen, K.W., Strong, R.K., Hangartner, L., Klein, F., Diskin, R., Scheid, J.F., Sather, D.N., Burton, D.R., Stamatatos, L. 
Recombinant HIV envelope proteins fail to engage germline versions of anti-CD4bs bNAbs
PLoS Pathogens
(2013) 9(1):e1003106


Ruiz, M., Sanchez, D., Correnti, C., Strong, R.K., Ganfornina, M.D. 
Lipid-binding properties of human ApoD and Lazarillo-related lipocalins: functional implications for cell differentiation

The FEBS Journal
  (2013) 280(16), pp. 3928-43



Correnti, C., Strong, R.K. 
Mammalian siderophores, siderophore-binding lipocalins, and the labile iron pool

The Journal of Biological Chemistry
(2012) 287(17), pp. 13524-31


Correnti, C., Richardson ,V., Sia, A.K., Bandaranayake, A.D., Ruiz, M., Suryo Rahmanto, Y., Kovačević, Ž., Clifton, M.C., Holmes, M.A., Kaiser, B.K., Barasch, J., Raymond, K.N., Richardson, D.R., Strong, R.K. 
Siderocalin/Lcn2/NGAL/24p3 does not drive apoptosis through gentisic acid mediated iron withdrawal in hematopoietic cell lines

PloS One
  (2012) 7(8): e43696

Finton, K.A., Strong, R.K.
Structural insights into activation of antiviral NK cell responses

Immunological Reviews
(2012) 250(1), pp. 239-57


Gründer, C., van Dorp, S., Hol, S., Drent, E., Straetemans, T., Heijhuurs, S., Scholten, K., Scheper, W., Sebestyen, Z., Martens, A., Strong, R., Kuball, J. 
γ9 and δ2CDR3 domains regulate functional avidity of T cells harboring γ9δ2TCRs

(2012) 120(26), pp. 5153-62


Azoitei, M.L., Correia, B.E., Ban, Y.E., Carrico, C., Kalyuzhniy, O., Chen, L., Schroeter, A., Huang, P.S., McLellan, J.S., Kwong, P.D., Baker, D., Strong, R.K., Schief, W.R. 
Computation-guided backbone grafting of a discontinuous motif onto a protein scaffold

(2011) 334(6054), pp. 373-6

  • HIV epitope scaffold in complex with neutralizing antibody b12 Fab 3RU8.pdb


Bandaranayake, A.D., Correnti, C., Ryu, B.Y., Brault, M., Strong, R.K., Rawlings, D.J. 
Daedalus: a robust, turnkey platform for rapid production of decigram quantities of active recombinant proteins in human cell lines using novel lentiviral vectors

Nucleic Acids Research
(2011) 39(21): e143

  • Murine Siderocalin 3S26.pdb 

Correia, B.E., Ban, Y.E., Friend, D.J., Ellingson, K., Xu, H., Boni, E., Bradley-Hewitt, T., Bruhn-Johannsen, J.F., Stamatatos, L., Strong, R.K., Schief, W.R. 
Computational protein design using flexible backbone remodeling and resurfacing: case studies in structure-based antigen design 

Journal of Molecular Biology
  (2011) 405(1), pp. 284-97


Correia, B.E., Holmes, M.A., Huang, P.S., Strong, R.K., Schief, W.R. 
High-Resolution Structure Prediction of a Circular Permutation Loop
Protein Science
(2011) 20(11), pp.1929-34

  •  HIV Epitope-Scaffold 4E10_1XIZA_S0_006_C  (T298) 3T43.pdb   

Correnti, C., Clifton, M.C., Abergel, R.J., Allred, B., Hoette, T.M., Ruiz, M., Cancedda, R., Raymond, K.N., Descalzi, F., Strong, R.K. 
Galline Ex-FABP is an antibacterial siderocalin and a lysophosphatidic acid sensor functioning through dual ligand specificities
(2011) 19(12), pp.1796-806

  • Extracellular fatty acid-binding protein Ex-FABP 3SAO.pdb 

Davenport, T.M., Friend, D., Ellingson, K., Xu, H., Caldwell, Z., Selhorn, G., Kraft, Z., Strong, R.K., Stamatatos, L. 
Binding interactions between soluble HIV envelope glycoproteins and quaternary-structure-specific monoclonal antibodies PG9 and PG16
Journal of Virology
  (2011) 85(14), pp. 7095-107


Hoette, T.M., Clifton, M.C., Zawadzka, A.M., Holmes, M.A., Strong, R.K., Raymond, K.N. 
Immune Interference in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Intracellular Iron Acquisition through
Siderocalin Recognition of Carboxymycobactins

ACS Chemical Biology
(2011) 6(12), pp.1327-31


Lovelace, E., Xu, H., Blish, C.A., Strong, R., Overbaugh, J. 
The role of amino acid changes in the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 transmembrane domain in antibody binding and neutralization

(2011)   421(2), pp. 235-44


Xu, B., Pizarro, J.C., Holmes, M.A., McBeth, C., Groh, V., Spies, T., Strong, R.K. 
Crystal structure of a gammadelta T-cell receptor specific for the human MHC class I homolog MICA

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America  (2011)        108(6), pp. 2414-9

  • MICA-specific human gamma delta T cell receptor 3OMZ.pdb