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Lu, C., Xu, H., Ranjith-Kumar, C. T., Brooks, M. T., Hou, T., Hu, F., Herr, A. B., Strong, R. K., Kao, C. C. & Li, P.
The structural basis of 5' triphosphate double-stranded RNA recognition by RIG-I C-terminal domain
Structure (2010) 18(8), pp. 1032-43

Correia, B. E., Ban, Y.-E. A., Holmes, M. A., Xu, H., Ellingson, K., Kraft, Z., Carrico, C., Boni, E., Sather, N., Zenobia, C., Burke, K. Y., Bradley-Hewitt, T., Bruhn-Johannsen, J. F., Kalyuzhniy, O., Baker, D., Strong, R. K., Stamatatos, L. & Schief, W. R.
Computational design of epitope scaffolds allows induction of antibodies specific for a poorly immunogenic HIV vaccine epitope
Structure (2010) 18(9), pp. 1116-26

T93 4E10 Fv



Bao, G., Clifton, M., Hoette, T. M., Mori, K., Deng, S.-X., Qiu, A., Viltard, M., Williams, D., Paragas, N., Leete, T., Li, X., Lee, B., Kalandadze, A., Ratner, A. J., Pizarro, J. C., Schmidt-Ott, K. M., Landry, D. W., Raymond, K. N., Strong, R. K., & Barasch, J.

Iron Traffics in Circulation Bound to a Siderocalin (Ngal)-Catechol Complex
Nature Chemical Biology  (2010) 6(8), pp. 602-9

  • Siderocalin + catechol 3FW4.pdb
  • Siderocalin + 4-methyl catechol 3FW5.pdb

Xu, H., Song, L., Kim, M., Holmes, M. A., Kraft, Z., Sellhorn, G., Reinherz, E. L., Stamatatos, L. & Strong, R. K.
Interactions Between Lipids And Human Anti-HIV Antibody 4E10 Can Be Reduced Without Ablating Neutralizing Activity
Journal of Virology (2010) 84(2), pp. 1076-88


Halaas, Ø., Steigedal, M., Haug, M., Awuh, J., Ryan, L., Brech, A., Sato, S., Husebye, H., Cangelosi, G. A., Akira, S., Strong, R. K., Espevik, T. & Flo, T. H.
Intracellular Mycobacterium avium Intersect Transferrin in the Rab11+ Recycling Endocytic Pathway and Avoid Lipocalin 2 Trafficking the Lysosomal Pathway
Journal of Infectious Diseases  (2010) 201(5), pp. 783-92


Strong, R. K. (2009)
Chapter 12: NK receptors
In Handbook of Cell Signaling, 2nd Edition. (Bradshaw, R. A. & Dennis, E. A., eds.) Academic Press, Oxford, pp. 77-84 [revision]


Li, X., Lu, C., Stewart, M., Xu, H., Strong, R. K., Igumenova, T. & Li, P.
Structural Basis of Doublestranded RNA Recognition by the RIG-I like Receptor MDA5
Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics  (2009) 488(1), pp. 23-33

Clifton, M. C., Corrent, C. C. & Strong, R. K.
Siderocalins: siderophore-binding proteins of the innate immune system [review]
BioMetals (2009) 22(4), pp. 557-64


Chan, Y. R.*, Liu, J.*, Pociask, D., Zheng, M., Mietzner, T. A., Berger, T., Mak, T., Clifton, M. C., Strong, R. K., Ray, P. & Kolls, J. K.
Lipocalin 2 is required for pulmonary host defense against Klebsiella infection
Journal of Immunology  (2009) 182(8), pp. 4947-56

Yang, J., Bielenberg, D. R., Rodig, S. J., Doiron, R., Clifton, M. C., Kung, A. L., Strong, R. K., Zurakowski, D. & Moses, M. A.
Lipocalin 2 promotes breast cancer progression
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA  (2009) 106(10), pp. 3913-8

Kuball, J., Hauptrock, B., Malina, V., Antunes, E., Voss, R.-H., Wolfl, M., Strong, R. K., Theobald, M. & Greenberg, P. D.
Increasing functional avidity of TCR-redirected T-cells by removing defined N-glycosylation sites in the TCR constant domain
The Journal of Experimental Medicine  (2009) 206(2), pp. 463-75


Hoette, T. M., Abergel, R. J., Xu, J., Strong, R. K. & Raymond, K. N.
The Role of Electrostatics in Siderophore Recognition by the Immunoprotein Siderocalin

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2008)  130(51), pp. 17584-92

Liyanage, W., Weerasinghe, L., Strong, R. K. & Del Valle, J. R.
Synthesis of Carbapyochelins via Diastereoselective Azidation of 5-(Ethoxycarbonyl)methylproline Derivatives
Journal of Organic Chemistry (2008)  73(18), pp. 7420-3

Abergel, R. J., Clifton, M., Pizarro, J. C., Warner, J. A., Shuh, D. K., Strong, R. K. & Raymond, K. N.
The Siderocalin/Enterobactin Interaction: A Link between Mammalian Immunity and Bacterial Iron Transport
Journal of the American Chemical Society (2008)  130(34), pp. 11524-34

  • Siderocalin (W79A/R81A) Complexed With Ferric Enterobactin    3BY0.pdb
  • Siderocalin (Y106F) Complexed With Ferric Enterobactin 3CBC.pdb

Leng, X., Lin, H., Ding, T., Wang, Y., Wu, Y., Klumpp. S., Monaco, P., Belmont, J., Aderem, A., Strong, R. K. & Arlinghaus, R.
Lipocalin 2 is required for BCR-ABL-induced tumorigenesis
Oncogene (2008)  27(47), pp. 6110-9

Kaiser, B. K., Pizarro, J. C., Kerns, J. & Strong, R. K.
Structural Basis for NKG2A/CD94 Recognition of HLA-E
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (2008)  105(18), pp. 6696-701

  • NKG2A/CD94/HLA-E 3CII.pdb

McBeth, C., Seamons, A., Pizarro, J. C., Fleishman, S. J., Baker, D., Kortemme, T., Goverman, J. M. & Strong, R.K.
A New Twist In TCR Diversity Revealed By A Forbidden αβ TCR
Journal of Molecular Biology (2008)  375(5), pp. 1306-19

  • TCR 1.B2.D9 2P1Y.pdb
  • I-Au/MBP125-135 2P24.pdb


Lengyel, C. S. E., Willis, L. J., Mann, P., Baker, D., Kortemme, T., Strong, R. K. & McFarland, B. J.
Mutations designed to destabilize the receptor-bound conformation increase MICA-NKG2D association rate and affinity
Journal of Biological Chemistry  (2007) 282(42), pp. 30658-66

Wucherpfennig, K. W., Allen, P., Celada, F., Cohen, I., de Boer, R., Eisen, H., Garcia, K. C., Goldstein, B., Greenspan, R., Hafler, D., Hodgkin, P., Huseby, E., Krakauer, D., Nemazee, D., Perelson, A., Pinilla, C., Strong, R. K. & Sercarz, E.
Polyspecificity of T cell and B cell Receptor Recognition [workshop review]
Seminars in Immunology  (2007) 19(4), pp. 216-24


Kaiser, B. K., Yim, D., Chow, I-T., Gonzales, S., Dai, Z., Mann, H. H., Strong, R. K., Groh, V. & Spies, T.
Disulfide isomerase-enabled shedding of tumour-associated NKG2D ligands
Nature  (2007) 447(7143), pp. 482-6

Vigdorovich, V., Miller, A. D. & Strong, R. K.
Ability of Hyaluronidase-2 To Degrade Extracellular Hyaluronan Is Not Required for Its Function as a Receptor for Jaagsiekte Sheep Retrovirus
Journal of Virology  (2007) 81(7), pp. 3124-9

Andersen-Nissen, E., Smith, K. D., Bonneau, R. Strong, R. K., & Aderem, A.
A conserved surface on Toll-like receptor-5 recognizes bacterial flagellin
Journal of Experimental Medicine  (2007) 204(2), pp. 393-403


Abergel, R. J., Wilson, M. K., Arceneaux, J. E. L., Hoette, T. M., Strong, R. K., Byers, B. R. & Raymond, K. N.
The anthrax pathogen evades the mammalian immune system through stealth siderophore production
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA  (2006) 103(49), pp. 18499-503

Fischbach, M. A., Lin, H., Zhou, L., Yu, Y., Abergel, R. J., Liu, D. R., Raymond, K. N., Wanner, B. L., Strong, R. K., Walsh, C. T., Aderem, A. & Smith, K. D.
The pathogen-associated iroA gene cluster mediates bacterial evasion of lipocalin 2
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA  (2006) 103(44), pp. 16502-7

Abergel, R. J., Moore, E. G., Strong, R. K. & Raymond, K. N.
Microbial Evasion of the Immune System: Structural Modifications of Enterobactin Impair Siderocalin Recognition

Journal of the American Chemical Society  (2006) 128(34), pp. 10998-9

Strong, R. K.
Chapter 8: Siderocalins [review]

Lipocalins   (2006) pp. 83-98  (Akerstrom, B., Borregaard, N., Flower, D. & Salier, J.-P. eds.) Landes Bioscience, Georgetown

Miller, A.D., Vigdorovich, V., Strong, R.K., Fernandes, R. J. & Lerman, M. I.
Hyal2, where are you? [Letter to the Editor]
Osteoarthritis Cartilage (2006) 14(12), pp. 1315-17


Kaiser, B. K., Barahmand-pour, F., Paulsene, W., Medley, S., Geraghty, D. E. & Strong, R. K.
Interactions between NKG2x immunoreceptors and HLA-E ligands display overlapping affinities and thermodynamics
Journal of Immunology  (2005) 174(5), pp. 2878-84

Hvidberg, V., Jacobsen, C., Strong, R. K., Cowland, J. B., Moestrup, S. K. & Borregaard, N.
The Endocytic Receptor Megalin Binds the Iron Transporting Neutrophil-gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) with High Affinity and Mediates its Cellular Uptake
FEBS Letters  (2005) 579(3), pp. 773-7

Holmes, M. A., Paulsene, W., Jide, X., Ratledge, C. & Strong, R. K.
Siderocalin (Lcn 2) Also Binds Carboxymycobactins, Potentially Defending against Mycobacterial Infections through Iron Sequestration
Structure  (2005) 13(1), pp. 29-41


Vigdorovich, V., Strong, R. K. & Miller, A. D.
Expression and Characterization of a Soluble, Active Form of the Jaagsiekte Sheep Retrovirus Receptor, Hyal2
Journal of Virology  (2005) 79(1), pp. 79-86


Flo, T. H., Smith, K. D., Sato, S., Rodriguez, D., Holmes, M. A., Strong, R. K., Akira, S. Aderem, A.
Lipocalin 2 mediates an innate immune response to bacterial infection by sequestrating iron
Nature  (2004) 432(7019), pp. 917-21

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Strong, R. K.
This Little pIgR Went to the Mucosa [Preview Article]
Structure  (2004) 12(11), pp. 1919-20

Doneanu, C., Strong, R. K. & Howald, W. N.
Characterization of a Noncovalent Lipocalin Complex by Liquid Chromatography/Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
Journal of Biomolecular Techniques  (2004) 15(3), pp. 208-12

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Chapter 14: NKG2D and related immunoreceptors [review]
Advances in Protein Chemistry, Volume 68, pp. 281-312. (Garcia, K. C., ed.) Elsevier Academic Press, San Diego (2004)

Somersalo, K., Anikeeva, N., Sims, T. N., Thomas, V. K., Strong, R. K., Spies, T., Lebedeva, T., Sykulev, Y. & Dustin, M. L.
Cytotoxic T lymphocytes form an antigen-independent ring junction
Journal of Clinical Investigation  (2004) 113(1), pp. 49-57


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Part I, Section A, Chapter 14: NK receptors [review]
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Strong, R. K., Holmes, M. A., Li, P., Braun, L., Lee, N. & Geraghty, D. E.
HLA-E allelic variants: correlating differential expression, peptide affinities, crystal structures and thermal stabilities
Journal of Biological Chemistry  (2003) 278(7), pp. 5082-90



Goetz, D. H., Holmes, M. A., Borregaard, N., Bluhm, M. E., Raymond, K. N. & Strong, R. K.
The Neutrophil Lipocalin NGAL is a Bacteriostatic Agent that Interferes with Siderophore-mediated Iron Acquisition
Molecular Cell  (2002) 10(5), pp. 1033-43


Yang, J., Goetz, D., Li, J. Y., Wang, W., Mori, K., Setlik, D., Du, T., Erdjument-Bromage, H., Tempst, P., Strong, R. & Barasch, J.

An iron delivery pathway mediated by a lipocalin

Molecular Cell (2002) 10(5), pp. 1045-56


Holmes, M. A., Li, P., Petersdorf, E. W. & Strong, R. K.
Structural Studies of Allelic Diversity of the MHC Class I Homolog MIC-B, a Stress-Inducible Ligand for the Activating Immunoreceptor NKG2D

Journal of Immunology  (2002) 169(3), pp. 1395-400


Strong, R. K.
Asymmetric ligand recognition by the activating natural killer receptor NKG2D, a symmetric homodimer [review]
Molecular Immunology 38 (2002) pp. 1029-37

Li, P., McDermott, G. & Strong, R. K.
Crystal structures of RAE-1beta and its complex with the activating immunoreceptor NKG2D
Immunity (2002) 16(1), pp. 77-86



  • anti-phenylarsonate Fab 36-71  1JFQ.pdb

Steinle, A., Li, P., Morris, D. L., Groh, V., Lanier, L. L., Strong, R. K. & Spies, T.
Interactions of human NKG2D with its ligands MICA, MICB, and homologs of the mouse RAE-1 protein family
Immunogenetics  (2001) 53(4), pp. 279-87

Li, P., Morris, D. L., Willcox, B. E., Steinle, A., Spies, T. & Strong, R. K.
Complex Structure of the Activating Immunoreceptor NKG2D and its MHC Class I-like Ligand MICA
Nature Immunology  (2001) 2(5), pp. 443-51

  • MIC-A/NKG2D complex   1HYR.pdb
  • NKG2A/CD94/HLA-E complex *MODEL*


Strong, R. K.
Structural Immunology of MHC Class I Proteins, Homologs and Receptor Complexes [review]
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A single amino acid substitution causes loss of expression of a MICA allele
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Class (I) will come to order - not [News and Views]
Nature Structural Biology (2000) 7(3), pp. 173-6

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Biochemistry (2000) 39(8), pp. 1935-41


1999 - 1996

Li, P., Willie, S. T., Bauer, S., Morris, D. L., Spies, T. & Strong, R. K.
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Immunity  (1999) 10(5), pp. 577-84


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