AML prognostic biomarkers: the need to go beyond basic genomic mutation results
Clinical Research Division Monday Noon Seminars 2016-2017 | Derek Stirewalt | January 30, 2017


HIDRA-based self-service analytical tool Argos launched, continues to add new disease groups
Hutch News | Fred Hutch Staff | March 19, 2015
Dr. Derek Stirewalt and colleagues examine two of the most common genetic abnormalities in AML that are widely used as prognostic biomarkers; Sarah Ramsay gave an eager audience a live demo of newly launched Argos, the self-service user interface that provides easy access to the wealth of data stored in HIDRA.


Fred Hutch clinical researchers win Consortium grants
Hutch News | Rachel Tompa | November 19, 2012
Drs. Rajeev Rajendra, Derek Stirewalt and Roland Walter, Clinical Research Division
Reversing epigenetic silencing in patients with AML relapse


Markers for measuring MDS
Hutch News | Colleen Steelquist | April 21, 2005
Gene AF1q may help researchers better understand, classify and treat collection of different disorders known as myelodysplastic syndrome.


Molecular magnification
Hutch News | Barbara Berg | February 19, 2004
New SLAP technique allows researchers to study tiny tissue samples and develop tools for targeted treatment.


Promising pair
Hutch News | Barbara Berg | January 4, 2001
Drug STI-571 gets two multi-site trials in Clinical Research, PHS as treatment for CML, gastrointestinal-tract tumors.
Hutchinson Center scientists will take part in a pair of multi-site clinical trials to evaluate the safety and efficacy of STI-571 (also known as Gleevec), a drug - taken as a pill - that has shown promise for treating chronic myelogenous leukemia with minimal side effects.

The two studies on this drug involves two Center scientific divisions:

  •  With a Seattle component led by Dr. Derek Stirewalt of the Clinical Research Division, an international study will compare the effectiveness of Gleevec with standard, non-transplant treatment for CML.
  •  The Hutch's Southwest Oncology Group, led by Dr. John Crowley of the Public Health Sciences Division, will coordinate a separate trial to evaluate Gleevec as a treatment for soft-tissue tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.