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Setty Lab

Fred Hutch campus

Our Research

Welcome to the Setty Lab. We are a multi-disciplinary research group investigating the mechanisms of lineage decisions and cell-fate choices. We approach this fundamental problem by developing computational algorithms that model high-throughput single-cell genomics data using a broad array of machine learning techniques. We strongly believe in collaborative science and work in close conjunction with our collaborators in all aspects spanning experimental design of data collection, data analysis and modeling, and validation experiments.

Our lab is affiliated with the Basic Sciences Division and the Translational Data Science Integrated Research Center.

Featured Publications

The Emergent Landscape of the Mouse Gut Endoderm at Single-Cell Resolution

Nowotschin S, Setty M, Kuo YY, Liu V, Garg V, Sharma R, Simon CS, Saiz N, Gardner R, Boutet SC, Church DM, Hoodless PA, Hadjantonakis AK, Pe’er D. Nature 2019

Characterization of Cell Fate Probabilities in Single-Cell Data With Palantir

Setty M, Kiseliovas V, Levine J, Gayoso A, Mazutis L, Pe’er D. 
Nature Biotechnology 2019