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Technical Reports

  • Connectivity-Informed Adaptive Regularization for Generalized Outcomes, D Brzyski, M Karas, B Ances, M Dzemidzic, J Goni, TW Randolph, J Harezlak. bioRxiv

Biostatistics & Biomathematics

  • Brain connectivity-informed regularization methods for regression, M. Karas, D. Brzyski, M. Dzemidzic, J. Goni, D.A. Kareken, T. Randolph, J. Harezlak, Statistics in Biosciences (2017). journal or article 
  • Kernel-penalized regression for analysis of microbiome data, T. Randolph, S. Zhao, W. Copeland, M. Hullar, A. Shojaie, Annals of Applied Statistics (2018) 12(1):540--566. Article 
  • Adaptive penalties for generalized Tikhonov regularization in statistical regression models with application to spectroscopy data, T. Randolph, J. Ding, J. HarezlakJournal of Chemometrics (2016) 32(4):e2850. Article
  • Longitudinal functional models with structured penalties, M.G. Kundu, J. Harezlak, T. Randolph, Statistical Modelling (2016) 16:114-139. Article (arXiv)
  • Comparative study of computational methods for reconstructing genetic networks of cancer-related pathways, N. Sedaghat, T. Saegusa, T. Randolph, A. Shojaie, Cancer Informatics (2014) Suppl. 2, 55-66. Article
  • Structured penalties for functional linear models---partially empirical eigenvectors for regression,  T. Randolph, J. Harezlak, Z. Feng,  Electronic Journal of Statistics  (2012) 6, 323–-353. Journal  Article
  • Statistical Methods for Analyzing Tissue Microarray Images - Algorithmic Scoring and Co-training, D. Yan, Pei Wang, M. Linden, B. Knudsen, T. Randolph,  Annals of Applied Statistics  (2012)  6(3), 1280-–1305. Journal  arXiv
  • Mombassa data analysis: effciently using repeated measurements of CD4 Counts and viral loads in survival analysis, S. Holte, T. Randolph, J. Ding, J. Tien, J. Overbaugh,  Statistics in Medicine (2012) 31(19), 2086—2097. Journal
  • Quantifying LC-MS/MS data by ion abundance and spectral count: two case studies, T. Milac, T. Randolph, P. Wang). Statistics and its Interface (2012) 5 (1), 75--88. Article  arXiv
  • Detecting genomic aberrations using products in a multiscale analysis,  X. Yu, T. Randolph, Hua Tang, Li Hsu, Biometrics (2010) 66, 684-693. Article
  • Signal detection in high-resolution mass spectrometry data, D. McLerran, Z. Feng, O.J. Semmes, L. Cazares, T. Randolph, Journal of Proteome Research (2008) 7, 276-285. Abstract/PreviewArticle.
  • Multiscale processing of mass spectrometry data, T. Randolph, Y. Yasui, Biometrics (2006) 62, 589-597. Journal
  • Scale-based normalization of spectral dataCancer Biomarkers (Section A of Disease Markers) (2006) 2 nos. 3-4, 135-144. Article   Journal
  • A suite of algorithms for the comprehensive analysis of complex protein mixtures using high-resolution LC-MS-- msInspect, M. Bellew, M. Coram,  M. Fitzgibbon, M. Igra, T. Randolph, P. Wang, J. Eng, C. Lin, D. Goodlett, R. Fang, A. Detter, H. Zhang, J. Whiteaker, A. Paulovich, M. McIntosh,  Bioinformatics (2005) 22 (15), 1902-1909. Article.
  • Denoising array-based comparative genomic hybridization data using wavelets, Li Hsu, S. Self, D. Grove, T. Randolph, K. Wang, J. Delrow, L. Loo, P. Porter,  Biostatistics (2005) 6, 211-226. Article.
  • Quantifying peptide signal in MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry data, B. Mitchell, D. McLerran, P. Lampe, Z. Feng, T. Randolph, Molecular and Cellular Proteomics (2005), 4, 1990-1999. Abstract/PreviewArticle.

Biomedical/Biological Collaborative Projects

  • Genome-wide DNA methylation in pre-diagnostic blood and bladder cancer risk in the Women’s Health Initiative. Jordahl KM, Randolph TW, Song X, Sather CL, Tinker LF, Phipps AI,  KT Kelsey, E White, P Bhatti., Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev(2018) cebp.0951.2017. Article
  • Plasma metabolite abundances are associated with urinary enterolactone excretion in healthy participants on controlled diets, Miles FL, SL Navarro, Y Schwarz, H Gu, D Djukovic, T Randolph, A Shojaie, M Kratz, MAJ Hullar, PD Lampe, ML Neuhouser, Raftery D, JW Lampe, Food & Function, (2017). Article
  • Nightshift Work, Chronotype and Genome-wide DNA Methylation in Blood, C. Adams, K.M. Jordahl, T. Randolph, X. Song, C. Sather, S. Davis, E. Dana, K. Kelsey, P. Bhatti, Epigenetics (2017). Article
  • Comprehensive site-specific whole genome profiling of stromal and epithelial colonic gene signatures in human sigmoid colon and rectal tissue, J. Knight, I. Ivanov, L. Davidson, J. Goldsby, E. Kim, M. Hullar, T. Randolph, A. Kaz, L. Levy, J. Lampe, R. Chapkin, Physiological Genomics (2016) (in press). Article
  • Pharmacometabonomic prediction of busulfan clearance in hematopoetic cell transplant recipients, Journal of Proteome Research (2016) 15(8):2802–11. Article
  • Prediction of intravenous busulfan clearance by endogenous plasma biomarkers using global metabolomics, Y.S. Lin, S.J. Kerr, T.W. Randolph, L.M. Shireman, T. Senn, J.S. McCune, Metabolomics (2016) 12:161. Article
  • Characterization of the gut microbiome in epidemiologic studies: The Multiethnic Cohort experience, B.C. Fu, T.W. Randolph, U. Lim, K.R. Monroe, I. Cheng, L.R. Wilkens, L. Le Marchand, Annals of Epidemiology (2016). Article
  • Oxidative DNA damage during sleep periods among nightshift workers, P. Bhatti, D.K. Mirick1, T.W. Randolph, T.J. Gong, D.M.T. Buchanan, J. Zhang, S. Davis, Environmental Medicine 73:537-544 (2016). Article
  • Towards microbiome transplant as a therapy for periodontitis: an exploratory study of periodontiti microbial signature contrasted by oral health, caries and edentulism, A.E. Pozhitkov, B. Leroux, T.W. Randolph, T. Beikler, T.F. Flemmig, P.A. Noble, BMC Oral Health, (2015) 15:125. Article
  • Enterolignan producing phenotypes are associated with increased gut microbial diversity and altered composition in premenopausalwomen in the United States, M.A.J. Hullar, S.M. Lancaster, F. Li, E. Tseng, K. Beer, C. Atkinson, K. Whl, W. Copeland, T.W. Randolph, K.M. Newton, J.W. Lampe, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention (2014), cebp--0262. Article
  • The clathrin adaptor Dab2 recruits EH domain scaffold proteins to regulate integrin beta 1 endocytosis, A. Teckchandani, E.E. Mulkearnsa, T.W. Randolph, N. Toida, J.A. CooperMolecular Biology of the Cell (2012), 23(15), 2905--2916. Article
  • Pre-validation of salivary biomarkers for oral cancer, D. Elashoff, H. Zhou, J. Reiss, J. Wang, B. Henson, S. Hu, M. Arellano, U. Sinha, A. Le, D. Messadi, M. Wang, V. Nabili, M. Lingen, D. Morris, T. Randolph, Z. Feng, D.A. Kastratovic, E. Abemayor, D. Chia,  D.T. Wong, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention. (2012) 21, 664--672
  • Cruciferous vegetable supplementation in a controlled diet study alters the serum peptidome in a GSTM1-genotype dependent manner, H. Brauer, T. Libby, B. Mitchell, L. Li, C. Chen, Y. Yasui, J. Lampe, P. Lampe,  Nutrition Journal (2011) 10 (1), 11 pages. Article
  • Occurrence of autoantibodies to annexin 1, 14-3-3 theta and LAMR1 in pre-diagnostic lung cancer sera, J. Qiu, G. Choi, L. Li, H. Wang, S. Pitteri, S. Pereira-Faca, A. Krasnoselsky, C. Edelstein, M. Barnett, M. Thornquist, G. Goodman, G. Omenn, D. Brenner, Z. Feng, S. Hanash,  Journal of Clinical Oncology (2008), 5060-5066.
  • Analytical Validation of Serum Proteomic Profiling for Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer: Sources of Sample Bias, D. McLerran, W. Grizzle, Z. Feng, W. Bigbee, L. Banez, L. Cazares, D. Chan, J. Diaz, E. Izbicka, J. Kagan, D. Malehorn, G. Malik, D. Oelschlager, A. Partin, N. Rosenzweig; S. Srivastava, S. Srivastava, I.M. Thompson; M. Thornquist, D. Troyer, Y. Yasui, Z. Zhang, L. Zhu, O.J. Semmes,  Clinical Chemistry (2008) 54 (1), 44-52.
  • SELDI-TOF MS whole serum proteomic profiling with IMAC surface does not reliably detect prostate Cancer, D. McLerran, W. Grizzle, Z. Feng, I.M. Thompson, W. Bigbee, L. Cazares, D. Chan, J. Dahlgren, J. Diaz, J. Kagan, D. Lin, G. Malik, D. Oelschlager, A. Partin, L. Sokoll, S. Srivastava, S. Srivastava, M. Thornquist, D. Troyer, G. Wright, Z. Zhang, L. Zhu, O.J. Semmes,  Clinical Chemistry (2008), 54 (1), 53-60. Abstract/Preview  Article
  • Ultrasensitive detection and analysis of post-translational modifications using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, N. Sundararajan, D. Mao, S. Chan, T-W. Koo, X. Su, L. Sun, J. Zhang, K-b. Sung, M. Yamakawa, P. Gafken, D. McLerran, Z. Feng, A. Berlin, M. Roth, Analytical Chemistry (2006), 78 (11), 3543-3550. Abstract/Preview   Article


  • Regularization and frequency-domain stability for well-posed systems (with Y. Latushkin and R. Schnaubelt),Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems, (2005) 17, no. 2, 128-151. ArticleJournal version.
  • Adaptive-critic based optimal neuro control synthesis for distributed parameter systems (with R. Padhi, S. N. Balakrishnan),  Automatica, J. of International Fed. on Automatic Control, (2001) 37, 1223-1234. Abstract/Preview. Journal version.
  • Stability radius and internal versus external stability in Banach spaces: an evolution semigroup approach (with S. Clark, Y. Latushkin, S. Montgomery-Smith), SIAM Journal of Control and Optimization, (2000) 38 no. 6, 1757-1793. ManuscriptJournal version.
  • Exponential dichotomy and mild solutions of nonautonomous differential equations in Banach spaces (with Y. Latushkin and R. Schnaubelt), Journal of Dynamics and Differential Equations (1998), 10 no. 3, 489-510. Abstract/PreviewJournal version.
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  • Spectral relationships in Banach algebras,  Mathematical Proc. of the Royal Irish Academy (1993) 93A (1), 1-16. JSTOR Link to Article

Related Interest

  • Structured penalties for generalized functional linear models (with J. Harezlak), in Recent Advances on Functional Data Analysis and Related Topics (2011; Springer-Verlag, Berlin) edited by Frédéric Ferraty, pp. 161-167.  A book on functional data analysis and uses of operator theory for high-dimensional data. Preprint.
  • Profiling High-Dimensional Protein Expression Using MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry for Biomarker Discovery, (with Z. Feng and Y. Yasui) in Handbook of Statistics in Clinical Oncology, 2nd Edition, Chapman & Hall 2006, Ed. by J. Crowley and D. P. Ankerst, Chapter 24, pp. 437–456.  Link to the book.
  • Evolution Semigroups in Dynamical Systems and Differential Equations by C. Chicone and Y. Latushkin, American Mathematical Society, 1999.  See the Amazon link to this book.  Chapters 4 and 5 highlight work with Y. Latushkin and others, referenced above. 
  • An experimental harvest from the logistic equation  (with S. Clark, S. Coble, M. Moody), C*ODE*E, Newsletter of the Consortium for Ordinary Differential Equations Experiments (1994), 9-12. Article