Welcome to the Randolph Lab

Tim Randolph is a statistician/mathematician who works with clinical, laboratory and public health scientists to analyze data from studies that are collecting a wide range of molecular measurements:  genes, proteins, metabolites, microbes, biochemical markers and neuro-connectivity.  Some analyses simply involve testing of whether these measurements differ between two groups of people or samples—drug versus placebo or healthy versus not healthy.  However, molecular data often represent 1000’s of interacting measurements:  genes interact with one another, genes code for proteins, enzymes regulate metabolite production, metabolites function together in pathways, microbial communities (and their genes) influence many host molecular functions, etc.  These complex interactions—and their effects on human health—are the essence of many Fred Hutch scientific projects.  Tim works with these scientists by applying appropriate statistical and machine learning tools, or developing his own methods, to aid their research. 

See also Dr. Randolph's bio page.