Some Fomer Members of the Priess Lab

Name Position in Lab             Current Position
Stephan Raiders Research Technician Graduate Student
Molecular and Cellular Biology Program
University of Washington
Laura Gaydos Postdoc


Alp Asan Research Technician

Graduate Student

University of Pittsburgh   

Bruce Bowerman Postdoc Professor
Institute for Molecular Biology
University of Oregon
Bowerman Lab Website
Mike Costa Postdoc Genentech, Inc.
Rafal Ciosk Postdoc Junior Group Leader
Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research
Basel, Switzerland
Ciosk Lab Website
Shannon Dennis Graduate Student
Michael DePalma Research Technician Medical School Student
Bruce Draper Graduate Student


Assistant Professor
Molecular & Cellular Biology
UC Davis
Draper Lab Website

Jessica Feldmn Postdoc


Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Stanford University
Feldman Lab website

Susan Guedes Graduate Student


Rosetta Inpharmatics

Caroline Goutte Postdoc Associate Professor and Chair
Biology Department
Amherst College
Goutte Lab Website
Greg Hermann Postdoc Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Lewis and Clark College
Hermann Lab Website
Russell Hill Postdoc Assistant Professor
Department of Molecular Genetics
The Ohio State University
Hill Lab Website
Arne iJpma Postdoc Product Manager
Ingenuity Systems
Erin Jezuit Graduate Student Instructor
Knox College
Ben Leung Graduate Student Postdoc
Waddell Lab
UMass Medical School

Rueyling Lin Postdoc Professor
Department of Molecular Biology
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Lin Lab Website
Nitobe London Research Technician Graduate Student
Molecular and Cellular Biology Program
University of Washington
Biggins Lab

Craig Mello Postdoc Professor
HHMI Investigator
Program in Molecular Medicine
U. Massachusettes Medical School
Mello Lab Website

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Katie Mickey Graduate Student Science Teacher
Jeff Molk Postdoc Teacher
Edwin Munro Affiliate Assistant Research Professor
Center For Cell Dynamics
Friday Harbor Laboratories
University of Washington
Ed Munro's Profile
Jeremy Nance Postdoc Assistant Professor
Skirball Institute of Biomecular Medicine
NYU School of Medicine
Nance Lab Website
Alexandre Neves Graduate Student Postdoc
Eisenman Lab
Siew-Loon Ooi Post doc  
Barbara Page Postdoc  
Fred Park Graduate Student Resident, Internal Medicine
UC-San Diego
Fred Park's Profile
Vida Praitis Visiting Professor Praitis Lab
Grinnell College
Jeff Rasmussen Graduate Student Postdoc
Sagasti Lab
Jennifer Schisa Postdoc Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Central Michigan University
Schisa Lab Website
Charlotte Schubert Graduate Student Senior Editor, News and Views
Nature Medicine

Charlotte Schubert's Profile
Ujwal Sheth Postdoc
Jennifer Tenlen Graduate Student Postdoc
Goldstein Lab
UNC - Chapel Hill
Uta Wolke Postdoc Uta Wolke @ Flickr