Colorectal Transdisciplinary (CORECT) Study

The CORECT project is investigating and identifying susceptibility loci for colorectal cancer in order to characterize the biologic basis of inherited susceptibility and recognize how genetic variation may be quantified and modified by environmental risk factors. Complex risk models that take advantage of this new genetic information, together with known environmental factors for colorectal cancer, will expedite the translation of these findings into clinical practice.

CORECT is co-led by Dr. Peters from FHCRC, and Dr. Gruber, Dr. Casey, and Dr. Thomas from University of Southern California. The CORECT project is part of Genetic Associations and Mechanisms in Oncology (GAME-ON): A Network of Consortia for Post-Genome Wide Association (Post-GWA) Research. Additional information on CORECT and GAME-ON can be found at