Selected Publications

Pollak J, Rai KG, Funk CC, Arora S, Lee E, Zhu J, Price ND, Paddison PJ, Ramirez JM, Rostomily RC. Ion channel expression patterns in glioblastoma stem cells with functional and therapeutic implications for malignancy. PLoS One 2017;12(3):e0172884. PMID: 28264064 PMC5338779.

Toledo CM, DY, Hoellerbauer P, Davis RJ, Basom R, Girard EJ, Lee E, Corrin P, Hart T, Bolouri H, Davison J, Zhang Q, Hardcastle J, Aronow BJ, Plaisier CL, Baliga NS, Moffat J, Lin Q, Li X-N, Nam D-H, Lee J, Pollard SM, Zhu J, Delrow JJ, Clurman BE, Olson JM, and Paddison PJ. Genome-wide CRISPR-Cas9 Screens Reveal Loss of Redundancy between PKMYT1 and WEE1 in Glioblastoma Stem-like Cells, Cell Reports. 2015. PMID 26673326 PMC 4691575. See Science Spotlight article.

Toledo CM*, Herman JA*, Olsen JB, Ding Y, Corrin P, Girard EJ, Olson JM, Emili A, DeLuca JG, and Paddison PJ. BuGZ is required for Bub3 stability, Bub1 kinetochore function, and chromosome alignment. Dev Cell 28(3): 282-94, 2014. PMID 24462187,  PMC 3995079
(*These authors contributed equally to this work).

Hubert CG, Bradley RK, Ding Y, Toledo CM, Herman J, Skutt-Kakaria K, Girard EJ, Davison J, Berndt J, Corrin P, Hardcastle J, Basom R, Delrow JJ, Webb T, Pollard SM, Lee J, Olson JM, and Paddison PJ. Genome-wide RNAi screens in human brain tumor isolates reveal a novel viability requirement for PHF5A. Genes Dev. 27:1032-45, 2013. PMID 23651857, PMC3656321 comment in Cancer Discovery

Betschinger J, Nichols J, Dietmann S, Corrin P, Paddison PJ, Smith A. Exit from pluripotency is gated by intracellular redistribution of the bHLH transcription factor Tfe3. Cell 153: 335-47, 2013. PMID: 23582324, PMC3661979

Ding Y, Hubert CG, Herman J, Corrin P, Toledo CM, Skutt-Kakaria K, Vazquez J, Basom R, Zhang B, Risler JK, Pollard SM, Nam DH, Delrow JJ, Zhu J, Lee J, DeLuca J, Olson JM, Paddison PJ. Cancer-Specific requirement for BUB1B/BUBR1 in human brain tumor isolates and genetically transformed cells. Cancer Discov. 3:198-211, 2013. PMID: 23154965, PMC3632446
comment in Cancer Discovery

Chen X, Skutt-Kakaria K, Davison J, Ou YL, Choi E, Malik P, Loeb K, Wood B, Georges G, Torok-Storb B, Paddison PJ. G9a/GLP-dependent histone H3K9me2 patterning during human hematopoietic stem cell lineage commitment. Genes Dev. 26:2499-511, 2012. PMID: 23105005, PMC3505820. See Science Spotlight article.

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Paddison PJ, Hannon GJ. RNA interference: The New Somatic Cell Genetics? Cancer Cell 2:17-23, 2002. PMID: 12150821