MacPherson Lab News



Nice highlight of our LSD1 study from Julien Sage's lab, published in Trends in Molecular Medicine. (April 8, 2019)


Spotlight on Arnaud and Emily's LSD1 paper. Fred Hutch Science Spotlight. (March 18, 2019)


Science in Seattle Publication of the Week: Arnaud and Emily's Science Signaling paper on LSD1 inhibition in SCLC. (March 1, 2019)


Small cell lung cancer Q+A with David MacPherson. Hutch News. (February 8, 2019)


@DMacPhersonLab joins twitter - Follow us! (February 1, 2019)



Article on Deshui's study in Cancer Discovery on CREBBP-mutant SCLC. Hutch News. (September 4, 2018)


Seattle Mariners Lab Outing. (July 2018)