Lab Outings

September 2015: Lab hike to Rachel Lake, Central Cascades, WA

Clockwise, starting at 12 o’clock:
Hilary Bethancourt, Gail Cromer, Mario Kratz, Jessica Kuzma, Ilona Larson, Derek Hagman, Kelsey Schmidt 

July 2015: Kayaking on Lake Union
Seattle, WA

Standing: Gail Cromer, Kelsey Schmidt, Ilona Larson, Jessica Kuzma, Hillary Bethancourt
Squatting: Derek Hagman, Mario Kratz

October 2013: Lab hike to Snow Lake,
Central Cascades

Back row: Jessica Kuzma, Gail Cromer
Front row: Mario Kratz, Ilona Larson, Derek Hagman

September 2011: Lab hike to Spray Park,
Mt. Rainier National Park

Back row: Mario Kratz, Jessica Kuzma, Ilona Larson, Emily Hagman
Front row: Gail Cromer, Sophie Hagman, Derek Hagman 


April 2010: On the roof of the Arnold building, Fred Hutch campus

Elena Geamanu, Derek Hagman, Mario Kratz, Ilona Kratz, Andrea Cignarella

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