Vector Core Services

The vector core assists investigators with design, construction and/or production of viral vectors. We are offering reasonable service fees compared to industry standard prices with an extra 20% discount for all members of the Fred Hutch and affiliated academic groups. We have a turnaround time of approximately two to three weeks between receiving the transfer plasmid and final product release.

We are located in the Thomas Building of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Fred Hutch Vector Core, D1-324

Our Services Include:

  • Ready-to-use vector aliquots for immediate pick-up
        - aliquots of common vectors titered and tested for
           functionality. you can find a list HERE

  • Retroviral, Foamyviral, and Lentiviral Vector Production
        - High-Quality high titer production (1x10e8/mL)
          and aliquotation for laboratory grade products
        - "From Scratch" service: transfer plasmid design and 
           assembly following your needs and specifications.
           you can find an overview of our basic vectors HERE 

  • AAV Production
        - High-quality high titer production and aliquotation
        - Fast, cost effective vector production for in vitro
        - "From Scratch" service: transfer plasmid design and
          assembly following your needs and specifications.
        - Large scale production of concentrated, purified
          vector for in vivo applications

  • Clinical Grade Vector Production
        - For more information about our clinical grade vector
          production, please contact Dr. Hans-Peter Kiem
Kiem Vector Core

If you would like to contact us or if you have any future questions, please direct your correspondence to:

    Martin Wohlfahrt, PhD
    Vector Core Manager
    Phone: (206) 667-3616 
    Mail: vectorcore@fhcrc.org

You can also find more detailed information on our Vector Core Webpage