Current Activities

HDC is engaged in projects that acquire and leverage biomedical big data to provide answers to pressing questions in cancer research. Examples may include the deployment of tools for mobile health data collection, acquisition of medical record data in combination with patient-reported outcomes, or implementation of novel machine learning algorithms for integrative genomics analyses.

Screenshot of HICOR-IQ application


HICOR IQ is a public facing, single resource to be used by payers, providers, and reseachers for information about quality and cost of cancer care. By combining Washington state cancer registry and health insurance data, HICOR IQ offers reporting on quality of care and cost in oncology. The Hutch Data Commonwealth partners with the Hutchinson Institute for Cancer Research Outcomes (HICOR) group to build HICOR IQ with the goal of providing ready-to-use analytics for clinics and payers to improve the quality of cancer care in Washington state. Try it out and learn more about HICOR IQ.

Inspire and the Survivorship Information Management System

The Hutch Data Commonwealth is currently developing a patient engagement platform in collaboration with the Biobehavorial Sciences team at Fred Hutch to support a national Inspire study (9819). In progress are patient facing mobile and web applicaitons An aim of the study is to determine the impacts of a self-managed, patient-centered program on the outcomes for transplant patients. The Survivorship Informatics Management System will support the workflows of participating organizations which include the Center for International Bone Marrow Research, National Marrow Donor Program, and thirteen other centers nationwide. 

appointment reminders INSPIRE mobile app
Test reminder from INSPIRE app
Screenshot from mobile app

natural language processing artist graphic

Named Entity Recognition Using Natural Language Processing 

HDC data scientists and natural language processing engineers are developing algorithms to identify important clinical entities in text (e.g. histology, biomarker test results, progression of disease, etc.) and extract salient information needed to create patient clinical histories used in retrospective studies.

Ingest-process-analyze graphic

Enabling Investigator Driven Analytics with Data Infrastructure

Supporting the rapid delivery of innovative data products and data science capabilities to break down data insight barriers requires a robust, flexible, and scalable infrastructure. The Hutch Data Commonwealth is developing a simplified data integration and consolidation product platform which integrates internal and external data sources and delivers enhanced data management capabilities to support investigator analytics, external applications, and consortium focused software products.

Screenshot of HutchBase homepage with different services that can be ordered

Providing Robust Sample Tracking and Billing for Shared Resource Labs

We are supporting and developing, in collaboration with the Shared Resources group, a multi-core Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) for ordering and billing services, sample tracking and data capture, and order status and data access.