Welcome to the Hsu Group

My principal research area is statistical genomics. These include assessing familial aggregation using variable age at onset as disease outcomes, discovering latent genes via linkage and association techniques, and characterizing the effect of the genes and their interaction with environmental risk factors on the time course of the disease. I have been involved in a number of family studies, such as case-control population based family studies of early onset breast cancer and prostate cancer and a school-based family study of learning disabilities.

I am also interested in the large scale of genomic data that are generated using the high throughput technologies. I am developing methods for evaluating the genome-wide pattern for the loss of heterzygosity (LOH) using the single nucleotide polymorphisms data from microarray chip. It is hypothesized that the genome-wide pattern of LOH may shed light on the mechanisms of tumor initiation and expansion. Complementary to the LOH study, I am also studying the methods for analyzing the gene expression data from the spotted array. Understanding the gene expression changes between tumor and normal tissues may help in clinical diagnosis, yielding useful biomarkers for early diagnosis, elucidating the genetic pathway, and mechanisms of cell cycles.