Ann Duerr Bio

Dr. Ann Duerr

Ann Duerr's research focuses on AIDS and HIV prevention, including novel vaccine strategies for induction of mucosal immunity, studies on antiretroviral therapy (ART), clinical trials in resource-poor settings and eludicating factors that help prevent sexual transmission of HIV.

HIV Vaccine Trials Network

Ann Duerr joined the HIV Vaccine Trials Network after 13 years at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where she was Chief of the HIV Section in the Women's Health and Fertility Branch, conducting clinical-epidemiological research on HIV infection, particularly in relation to women's reproductive health. Her initial epidemiologic research focused on parameters associated with HIV transmission from women to infants in Rwanda and on fully characterizing the clinical course of HIV infections in US women. 

More recently, her work has been focused on prevention. Specifically, on an intervention among African women to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission via breastfeeding and on trials of prophylactic HIV vaccines as Director for Scientific Affairs of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN). She also conducts clinical studies and research in non-human primates investigating ways to increase vaccine-induced immunity at mucosal surfaces, the site of infection for most pathogens and is currently working on studies of antiretroviral treatment to prevent onward HIV transmission in Peru.

To learn more, please visit the HVTN website at

Dr. Ann Duerr presenting at Fred Hutch's Science Spectrum event, July 2009


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