Given the increased scrutiny and oversight from FDA for cell-based therapies, there is a critical need for improvements in the bench-to-bedside translation process. That is the niche that research activities in this laboratory have focused on. Largely funded through various program project resource cores and/or through associated user fees, our laboratory has been acquiring critical equipment and pre-clinical process development expertise, primarily in the areas of specific cell subset selection, culturing of therapeutic cells in large-scale closed systems, cryopreservation, and storage.

Donor of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells study

If you are interested in participating or enrolling in our study only use this contact information PBMC.DonorProgram@fredhutch.org or (206) 667-5318. Please do not contact any other member in the Heimfeld lab as it will delay our ability to respond to you.

Cell donations are by appointment only. Visit our Donor Program web page for more information.
Thank you.