Caisis is an open source, web-based, cancer data management product designed to bridge the gap between research and patient care.   It was initiated in the Department of Urology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in 2002 and under the GNU General Public License has been developed by a number of institutions worldwide.  The tool is intended to promote standards and collaborative research, and has been downloaded by thousands of institutions worldwide.  In most cases it is being used to help manage patient data for research.   (Reference:

A More Efficient Way to Manage Research with Clinical Data

Here at the Fred Hutch, one of the highlights of the HDC instance of Caisis is a feed from UW and SCCA systems which include patient diagnostics, lab tests, pathology, and demographics information.   There is also a feed from internals systems which populates protocols and patient enrollment statuses.   This enables possibilities for research integration with this data.

HDC offers collaboration with research groups to provide custom development services of the CAISIS platform.  This include database and form customizations, as well as self-serve reports designed to meet specific research needs and to support a variety of disease areas.

How is Caisis being used today at the Hutch?

There are a variety of data management project in progress using Caisis today with purpose of leveraging the clinical and protocol data feeds for research.



Genito-urinary Medical Oncology

  • The genito-urinary medical oncology group have used Caisis for over ten years. 
  • Some practitioners have used it within their clinics. Additionally, they have used the data collected in Caisis to support their research and publications and to collaborate with other institutions.

Data from Caisis is used to support research, such as in the following publications:

  • ‘A Pilot Study of Clinical Targeted Next Generation Sequencing for Prostate Cancer: Consequences for Treatment and Genetic Counseling’ (2016 Published online in Wiley Online Library
  • ‘Docetaxel-related toxicity in metastatic hormone-sensitive and metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer’ (Published online: 14 June 2016 Springer Science+Business Media New York 2016)

Seattle Translational Tumor Research (STTR)

  • For the Fred Hutch STTR Oncoscape team, Caisis plays an important role in the clinical data pipeline that feeds data to the Oncoscape tool they have developed. Caisis helps the team leverage pathology and Oncoplex results to provide linked access to molecular tests and clinical histories to inform hypotheses addressing the association of genetic alterations, treatment options, and patient outcomes.

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