Hatch Lab

Hatch Lab

Fluorescent image of lung tumor section

Fluorescent image of lung tumor section

Our Research

Welcome to the Hatch Lab. Our lab studies the organization and dynamics of the nuclear envelope to understand how changes in this structure cause human genetic diseases and drive cancer development. Our current focus is the mechanisms and consequences of a recently described dynamic where the nuclear membrane ruptures, causing mislocalization of proteins and even organelles, and then either repairs or collapses. This phenomenon has been associated with increased genome instability, inflammation, and metastasis, suggesting that it could be a critical driver of cancer development. 

Lab News

February 2019

February 11 -  Welcome to our new research technician, Emma Choo!

October 2018

Congrats Hatch lab on an awesome Pumpkin Pac-Man display. Tragically, we fell short of winning a prize in the annual joint Basic Sciences/Human Biology pumpkin carving contest. Another year, another ridiculously strong field. 

September 2018

September 16 - Lucian’s first day in the Hatch lab. We are excited you’re here! 


July 2018

Ali Young is awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship (F32) from the National Cancer Institute (NIH).