Health and Behavioral Innovations in Technology

Health and Behavioral Innovations in Technology


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Welcome to the Health and Behavioral Innovations in Technology (HABIT) research group. We design, develop, test, and disseminate techology-delivered interventions for health behavior change. Our goals are to develop and test technologies to help one million people quit smoking, eat healthy and lose weight.


Journal of Dual Diagnosis 2018

Heffner J.L., Watson, N.L., McClure, J.B., Anthenelli, R.M., Hohl, S., Bricker, J."I Smoke Like This to Suppress These Issues That Are Flaws of My Character": Challenges and Facilitators of Cessation Among Smokers With Bipolar Disorder.

Addictive Behaviors 2018

Trone, D.W., Powell, T.M., Bauer, L.M., Seelig, A.D., Peterson, A.V., Littman, A.J., Williams, E.C., Maynard, C.C., Bricker, J.B., Boyko, E.J. Smoking and drinking behaviors of military spouses: Findings from the Millennium Cohort Family Study.


News & Features

Smoking after a cancer diagnosis

Hutch News | By Diane Mapes | Nov. 16, 2017
Smoking can be a source of shame and treatment complications for cancer patients, but Dr. Bricker's HABIT Group researchers can help them quit. Read about the new Quit2Heal.

E-cigs, apps and the FDA's push to limit nicotine

Hutch news | By Dian Mapes | Aug. 1, 2017
Jonathan Bricker nominated for Geekwire’s Geek of the Year Award for his innovative set of quit smoking technology interventions based on acceptance and mindfulness therapy.

Health Tech Podcast: Psychologists become app developers to help people kick addictions

GeekWire | Clare McGrane | June 29, 2017
Learn about how Fred Hutchinson psychologists Dr. Jonathan Bricker and Dr. Jaimee Heffner became app developers to help people kick addictions in GeekWire's Health Tech Podcast. See if you are eligible to participate in our iCanQuit study to test the app itself.

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