Coop Lab

About the space

The Coop lab is located in Arnold, M1-B406. It is available for use by Fred Hutch groups interested in meeting around topics of bioinformatics and data science. This includes (but is not limited to)

  • Training
  • Office hours
  • Hackathons
  • Seminars
  • Code reviews
  • Other small events

Two meeting areas in The Coop Lab

  • Classroom/training space: tables and chairs for 20 people (with access to power outlets) and a projection system with clickshare (the puck attaches via USB, but there is an adapter to allow connections with USB-C)
  • Co-working small group meeting space: a conference table with chairs, soft seating (comfy chairs), large whiteboards, and a large TV monitor on a stand (for code reviews, data viz, etc, connectable via HDMI and miniport)

There is also counter space for holding materials (or snacks!) and shelves/cupboards for storage.

Regularly occurring events

  • classes will generally occur in the training space a few afternoons a week
  •, Sci Comp and various other HDC groups hold office hours in the co-working space, generally during mornings
  • Community-led meeting groups, like Wednesday's data viz group, or Friday's Python group, generally meet over lunch and in the afternoon

Any Fred Hutch folks working on data science related activities are welcome to use the Coop Lab. All events currently scheduled for the space can be found on the Google Calendar (although note that not everything on the calendar takes place in the Coop Lab). We expect that there will be times during which more than one group will meet in the space (for example, a small group meeting at the same time as a class). In our experience, this hasn't been a problem because the walls are covered in sound-dampening material. 

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting in the Coop Lab, please check the Google Calendar for availability prior to contacting Anders McConnachie or Kate Hertweck.  

Co-working space
Co-working space
Training space
Training space