The Coop: Bioinformatics & Data Science Cooperative

The Coop: Bioinformatics & Data Science Cooperative

The Coop launch party

Our Focus

The Bioinformatics & Data Science Cooperative (The Coop) is a cooperative that includes all groups and individuals at Fred Hutch interested in bioinformatics and data science. Started at Fred Hutch, The Coop aims to address duplication of effort, wasted resources including time and money, lack of shared knowledge and best practices, and lost collaboration opportunities as it relates to data science.


The Coop Goals

  • Increase communication and share knowledge and expertise across the many efforts already happening
  • Provide a single point of contact for faculty and staff, external collaborators and internal researchers to engage in data-intensive research and analysis
  • Unite the Bioinformatics and Data Science Groups at Fred Hutch


Training & Talks

Communication and planning for and other training efforts will be routed through The Coop to ensure maximum value for researchers. These opportunities may include courses and workshops, hackathons, informal learning sessions, and seminar series. For a full list of events, visit the Coop Calendar. For more information on training and courses, contact Kate Hertweck.


The Coop aims to foster peer-to-peer learning through Hosted Meeting Groups, office hours, and workshops. We also joined forces with the Fred Hutch Bioinformatics Interest Group (FHBig) to support communication via Slack for bioinformatics, data science, and software development communities. There you can find and participate in peer-to-peer Q&A's, see notices of current events in and outside the Fred Hutch, and spin up theme-based working groups. To join the conversation and find your Coop Community, join us on Slack.


The Coop has dedicated space for informal meetings, trainings, and other events called the Coop Lab. It's located in the Arnold Building on the Hutch campus, M1-B406. Read more.


One avenue intended to reduce barriers and duplication of effort is the ongoing curation of the Biomedical Data Science Wiki by members of the community. We collaborate with the leaders of this project to help the resource grow and expand to include documentation of available resources, best practices and community guidance. More information about contributing or participating in the Wiki Writer-Editor Program can be found on the Wiki, or for questions and comments, contact Amy Paguirigan

Communication & Administration 

The Coop has administrative help (Anders McConachie) to help coordinate and communicate across all of the entities and individuals involved.  For information sharing, we have a monthly newsletter to distribute announcements and information about events, trainings, and seminars. Sign up for the newsletter by emailing or visit the Newsletter page for archives.