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Chen Group Newsletter | December 2018

Welcome to the December 2018 edition of the Chen Group Newsletter. This newsletter is where you can find the most relevant team and Center-wide updates, news, and highlights. 

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Author: Eline Appelmans

Upcoming Events

December 04, 2018 Janice Tao Presents on Data Data Issues when Predicting PrEP Uptake and Adherence in AGYW

December 04, 2018 Lili Peng Presents on Importance of Data Monitoring in the Modulating the Impact of Critical Events in Early HIV Infection: Effect of Early ART Initiation and Alcohol Use

December 13, 2018 Jason Walton, Yifan Zhu, Elly Appelmans introduce Chen Group digital health related projects to Tanzanian Ministry of Health (MoH) Delegation made up of: Tanzania MoH Permanent Secretary Dr. Mpoki, Global Program Leader for PATH Digital Health Mr. Settle, and Regional Director - Africa for PATH Digital Health  Dr. Mwanyika. 


We are in the process of scheduling presenters for Q1 & start of Q2 of 2019 and are interested in hearing about both the big picture ideas in infectious disease biostatistics, bioinformatics, and epidemiology methods, as well as hands-on/technical details about your feild of expertise. If you are interested in presenting at one of our team meetings or seminars please contact the group’s project manager, Elly Appelmans.

Recent & Upcoming Conference Presentations 

Kira Mori:  Adolescent HIV Prevention and Treatment Implementation Science Alliance Forum in Kampala, Uganda, February 6th- 8th


Robertson K.R., Lama J.R., Rios J., Brandes P., Ruiz E., Bender Ignacio R., Haselden H., Pilcher C., Appelmans E., Spudich S., Duerr A., & the SABES study team. ART in Early Infection Improves Neurocognition Regardless of Infection Duration (Abstract 2984). Accepted. CROI, Seattle, USA, Feb 2019

Team Updates

Grant Submitted: Statistical Methods for Evaluating and Guiding Implementation of New HIV Prevention Strategies

PI: Holly Janes. Co-I: Ying Chen. Expect more news March 2019.

Submitted to PA-18-484

Grant Submitted: Using Statistical and Mathematical Models to Optimize HIV Prevention Strategies Amongst the MSM Population in the US

PI: Dobromir Dimitrov. Co-I: Ying Chen. Expect more news March 2019.

Submitted to RFA-AI-18-026

Membership Accepted: Adolescent HIV Prevention and Treatment Implementation Science Alliance (AHISA)

PI: Ying Chen

Agency: NIH Fogarty International Center

On Friday, December 7th, Dr. Chen and his partners Dr. Obong'o and Muganda-Onyando were selected from a pool of candidates to become members of the Adolescent HIV Prevention and Treatment Implementation Science Alliance (AHISA) created by the Center for Global Health Studies (CGHS) at Fogarty in collaboration with the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator and other NIH Institutes and Centers.

The Adolescent HIV Prevention and Treatment Implementation Science Alliance (AHISA) aims to enhance the effective use of evidence and help overcome implementation challenges related to prevention, screening and treatment of HIV among adolescents (ages 15 to 24) in sub-Saharan Africa by catalyzing collaboration and communication among implementation scientists, program implementers and policymakers.

Dr. Mpoki Speaking at G4 Alliance

Finding Common Ground with Tanzanian MoH Delegation

Tanzania with the support of PATH Digital Square has developed a digital health investment strategy and supporting policy to improve in-country healthcare delivery. This development has led to a data collaborative that enhances the capacity of the Tanzanian MoH to track progress to health-related goals. Currently, patient and financial data is being collected with the aim of being used by the MoH for evidence-based decision making.   

While the focus of the government is currently of digitization of data, this is predicted to shift to digitilization of health care in the future. The Chen Group foresees that there will be analytical challenges related to using this big data for prediction and intervention. Further discussion is needed with relevant parties on the opportunities for directed research into relevant statistical method development.



Chen Group Winter Meeting Break & Holidays

December 15th – January 15th. Dr. Chen looks forward to welcoming you all back in the new year
December 25th and January 1st are Centerwide scheduled holidays.  

Center Updates

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