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Welcome to the Bai Lab. Our goal is to understand how neurons talk to each other. Neuron communication underpins all cognitive and physical activities (i.e., movement, perception, learning, and memory). High quality communication is essential to maintain organism homeostasis and disruptions lead to severe consequences. The Bai Lab utilizes a combination of genetic, biochemical, imaging, and electrophysiological techniques to elucidate novel mechanisms governing neuron communication at the molecular, cellular, and circuit levels.

Featured Publications

Developmental Cell 2018

Poudel K, Roh-Johnson M, Su A, Ho T, Mathsyaraja H, Anderson S, Grady WM, Moens C, Conacci-Sorrell M, Eisenman RN, and Bai J. Competition between TIAM1 and membranes balances Endophilin A3 activity in cancer metastasis.

eLife 2017

Han B, Dong Y, Zhang L, Liu Y, Rabinowitch I, Bai J. Dopamine signaling tunes spatial pattern selectivity in C. elegans.

PLoS Biology 2016

Rabinowitch I, Laurent P, Zhao B, Beets I, Schoofs L, Bai J, Schafer W, and Treinin M. Neuropeptide-Driven Cross-Modal Plasticity Following Sensory Loss in C. elegans