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To make gene therapy accessible and affordable worldwide, Dr. Jen Adair developed a mobile “gene therapy in a box” technique by combining commercially available technologies with practical molecular and cell biology approaches and then proved the method can be delivered in resource-constrained clinics. TEDxNashvilleSalon, 2017
In an educational webinar, Dr. Jen Adair at Fred Hutch talks about her research into a portable machine-- 'gene therapy in a box'-- that could make future cancer & HIV cures affordable in developing countries. defeatHIV, 2017
GreenRubino launched a new integrated awareness campaign for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, featuring the intensely driven, talented, and dedicated scientists behind cancer research. GreenRubino, 2013
Dr. Jen Adair speaks during the Science for Life community event at the Fred Hutchinson Research Center on March 9, 2016. Adair describes how gene therapy is being used to treat diseases. Fred Hutch, 2016

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