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  1. Stewart, T.G., Wu, M.C., Zeng, D. "The augmented and weighted support vector machine and for classification with missing covariates". Submitted.
                [*** An earlier version won the 2014 ENAR Poster Competition Award AND the 2015 ENAR Distinguished Student Paper Award***]
  2. Zhao, N., Clark, J.J., Maity, A., Wu, M.C. ``Composite kernel machine regression based on likelihood ratio test and its application to genomic studies''.

  3. 2018 and In Press

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                [***Selected as the IGES Highlight/Paper of the Month ***]
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                [*** An earlier version won an ASA Biometrics Section JSM Paper Award ***]
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    [#Joint Corresponding Author]
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  22. 2016

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    [#Joint Corresponding Author]
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  31.             [*** This article selected by AJHG as one of the "Best of" 2015-2016 ***]
  32. Rotroff, D.M., Joubert, B.R., Marvel, S.W., Håberg, S.E., Wu, M.C., Nilsen, R.M., Ueland, P.M., Nystad, W., London, S.J., Motsinger-Reif, A. (2016). "Maternal smoking impacts key biological pathways in newborns through epigenetic modification in utero". BMC Genomics, 17(1):976. PMC5124223

  33. 2015

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                [*** An earlier version won an ASHG Predoctoral Trainee Research Semifinalist Award***]
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  42. 2014

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    [#Equal Contribution]
                [*** This paper was selected as an AJE "Editor's Choice" Article  AND a 2014 AJE and SER "Paper of the Year"***]
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  50. 2013

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  62.             [*** This article selected by EHP as the 2013 Paper of the Year ***]
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  66. 2011

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    [#Equal Contribution]
  68.             [*** This article selected by AJHG as one of the "Best of" 2011-2012 ***]
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                [*** An earlier version received the 2008 ICSA Student Paper Award and corresponding technical report received the 2008 ASA Statistical Computing and Graphics Section Student Paper Award***]
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    [#Equal Contribution]
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  84. Technical Reports

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                [*** An earlier version received an ENAR Student Paper Award ***]
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                [*** An earlier version won the 2008 ASA Statistical Computing and Graphics Section Student Paper Award ***]
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