THOMPSON STUDIES GROUP -- Diabetes Prevention Program for Hispanics

Diabetes Prevention Program for Hispanics

Hispanics are among the fastest growing population in the United States. Data indicate that Hispanics are underserved and less likely to take advantage of health education activities than their non-Hispanic White counterparts. In addition, there has been a burgeoning interest in Type 2 diabetes in the Lower Yakima Valley. It has been of special concern to Hispanics who have higher risks of Type 2 diabetes than non-Hispanic Whites.

A Community Advisory Board (CAB), comprised of some 21 individuals in the Yakima Valley who are involved or interested in diabetes prevention and control, was established in the early stages of the Diabetes project. The CAB has served as the community’s way to control what aspects of Diabetes they want to be addressed.

Diabetes information is delivered through “home health parties,” which are guided discussions in a person’s home. An individual (host) invites family members and/or friends to participate in the party. A trained promotora, or lay health educator, from our satellite office presents five scheduled guided discussion sessions on diabetes. Usually each session is a week apart. The discussion is facilitated by a set of flip charts that were developed in Spanish. Promotoras, or lay health workers, have been extensively trained in diabetes and receive regular refresher courses.

The Thompson Group published a Spanish language cookbook for diabetics in 2009

The overall goal of this project is to work with community partners to reduce the diabetes health disparities experienced by many Hispanics in the Lower Yakima Valley of Eastern Washington.