SCHIFFER GROUP -- Schiffer Lab

Welcome to the Schiffer Group

The aim of my group is to characterize quantitative features of human pathogens and immune responses. Ultimately, we are most interested in identifying thresholds at which infections either “take off” leading to disease and transmission, or are contained by the human immune system. This fundamental question is highly pertinent to vaccine and antiviral therapy development.

At the center of each of our projects is the use of mathematical models. We use these models not only to generate novel hypotheses that explain findings in existing datasets, but also to inform and implement clinical and laboratory experiments. The nature of our projects is highly multi-disciplinary and our toolbox expands well beyond modeling. To this end, we are grateful to collaborate with superb clinical and laboratory colleagues at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington. We are eager for new research partnerships.

I am a clinician specializing in infectious diseases with particular interests in the management of HIV infected patients and other immunocompromised hosts. Therefore, while my group’s work is in part motivated by our fascination with the complex interplay between infections and their human hosts, all of our projects are ultimately designed with an eye on positively impacting human health.