Vaccine Statistics and Computational Biology Group

Peter works with approximately 20 biostatistics and computational biology faculty members and 10 masters-level statisticians to conduct statistical science vaccine research, especially through his work as PI of the Statistical Data Management Center for the HIV Vaccine Trials Network

Subset of the AMP lab+statistics+computational team at the May 2018 HVTN Full Group Meeting

Current Doctoral Advisees, RA's, and Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Brenda Price

Yunqi Bu

Graduated University of Washington Biostatistics Doctoral Advisees

  • Bryan Shepherd (2005)
  • Joanna Scott (2008)
  • Julian Wolfson (2009)
  • Michal Juraska (2012)
  • Erin Gabriel (2012)
  • Allan deCamp (2013)
  • Rong Fu (2014)
  • David Benkeser (2015)
  • Yingying Zhuang (2017)