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Dr. Steve Pergam receives Dr. Ali Al-Johani Award

Hutch News | Mary Engel | Feb. 7, 2018
The Dr. Ali Al-Johani Award recognizes exceptional medical care and compassion to transplant patients and families

Flu season tips for cancer patients

Hutch News | Mary Engel | Feb. 6, 2018
Dr. Steve Pergam and other Fred Hutch infectious disease specialists offer tips on how immunocompromised patients can protect themselves from the flu, and to do if they get sick

When bad bugs jump from farm to bedside

Hutch News | Mary Engel | Jan. 26, 2018
‘Big Chicken’ author, infectious disease researchers take aim at antibiotic resistance driven by agriculture, medicine

Science to watch in 2018: From immunotherapy to gene therapy, big data to new tech

Hutch News | Rachel Tompa | Jan. 12, 2018
Fred Hutch experts lend their predictions for the coming year’s advances


What we can learn about global flu evolution from individual infections

Hutch News | Rachel Tompa | June 27, 2017
Study of 10-year-old flu samples finds virus’s evolution in individual transplant patients partially mirrors later global trends

Good News at Fred Hutch

Hutch News | Jan. 19, 2017
Researchers from Fred Hutch's Infectious Disease Sciences Program and the University of Washington's Virology Divison gathered for a symposium to discuss a broad variety of infectious disease-related topics.


Medical myth busting: Separating fact from fiction about colds and flu

Hutch News | Mary Engel | Nov. 16, 2016
We ask an infection prevention expert to bust myths and offer tips on staying healthy during cold and flu season

Researchers who tweet: Spreading science 140 characters at a time

Hutch News | Mary Engel | March 11, 2016
3 Fred Hutch researchers talk about getting #science out into the world, 140 characters at a time

Researching your cancer online: dive in or steer clear?

Hutch News | Bill Briggs | Feb. 10, 2016
Some patients feel control over disease by scouring Web; others stoke hope by staying off Internet

After chemotherapy, immune system recovery may be slower than believed

Hutch News | Diane Mapes | Jan. 26, 2016
Chemo weakens the immune system for up to nine months, especially in smokers, one study finds


Cannabis and cancer: Medical marijuana gains favor among some patients despite safety concerns

Hutch News | Bill Briggs | July 17, 2015
But some doctors voice concerns about safety, risks of Rx weed

For flu shot compliance, stick beats carrot

Science Spotlight | April 20, 2015
Fred Hutch questions examine the question: how can influenza vaccination rates be maximized at an institution where the baseline compliance already is high?

When the doctor is the patient

Hutch News | Mary Engel | March 23, 2015
A kidney transplant and a cancer diagnosis helped shape the career of infection-control expert Steve Pergam

Nailing down the debate on antibiotic resistance in post-transplant patients

Science Spotlight | Feb. 15, 2015
Fred Hutch researchers examine the incidence of antibiotic resistence and mortality rates of hematopoietic cell transplant recipients. 

Protecting the most vulnerable from measles

Nutch News | Joely Johnson Mork | Feb. 6, 2015
What a growing measles outbreak means for those with cancer and others who can’t get the vaccine


Flu shot strategy sends health worker jabs soaring at SCCA

Hutch News | JoNel Aleccia | Sept. 23, 2014
Participation climbs to 97 percent, protects vulnerable patients, Fred Hutch infection expert says