Available MRM Assays & Mabs

Equipment in the Paulovich lab

Proteomic Assays Available in the Paulovich Lab

The Paulovich Lab has developed and analytically validated a collection of targeted Mass Spectrometry-based proteomic assays (e.g. multiple reaction monitoring, MRM) spanning multiple cellular pathways, and we can run these assays in your clinical or basic biological biospecimens.  There are also a collection of assays currently in development for your future reference. 

For all MRM assays, we are committed to carrying out full assay characterization, compliant with CPTAC guidelines, and uploading all assay SOPs and characterization data to the CPTAC Assay portal so that all are made available as a resource to the community (See CPTAC Assay Portal Link for the CPTAC Assay Characterization Guidance Document). The CPTAC Assay portal also will link all assay SOP data with the antibodies used in immuno-MRM assays on the CPTAC Antibody Portal.

Follow the links below to view the list of available MRM assays (completed and currently in development)

Total List of All Assays

Multiplexed immuno-MRM panels 

These multiplexed MRM panels comprise of subsets of assays from our list of immuno-MRM assays above, and have been analytically validated in cell lines and clinical specimens, for use in particular proteomic studies. We will continue to put together new assay panels as new antibodies and new combinations of antibodies are designed.

Tumor suppressor and DNA damage response panel 1

Tumor suppressor and DNA damage response panel 2

ER, PR, HER2 cancer biomarkers and normalization panel

RAS/MAPK panel 1 (modified and non-modified peptide targets)

RAS/MAPK panel 2 (non-modified protein targets)

Immuno-Oncology panel 1

Monoclonal Antibodies Completed and Currently in Development for Immuno-MRM Assays 


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**Antibodies and and characterization data are available to researchers through NCI's CPTAC Antibody Portal  and CPTAC Assay Portal for those that have NCI CPTAC ID numbers

In Development

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