Welcome to the Paulovich Lab

The Paulovich Laboratory is focused on the development of technologies and strategies for translation of novel diagnostics, and relieving a prohibitive roadblock in biomedical research: a lack of validated and standardized tools for quantifying proteins. The inability to quantitatively measure most human proteins is a major obstacle to clinical translation of biomarkers and the development of new therapeutics.  To overcome this roadblock, the Paulovich laboratory has been a major developer of targeted proteomic assays utilizing Multiple Reaction Monitoring mass spectrometry (MRM-MS) technology, which provides precise  and highly specific quantification of proteins with assays that can be multiplexed, standardized, reproduced, and shared across laboratories and instrument platforms (unlike Western Blotting and related methods).   The Paulovich Laboratory's ultimate goals are to use this technology to identify novel therapeutic targets and to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms and human phenotypic variation of the cellular DNA damage response.