Research Positions

Research Technicians

We often have Research Tech openings for people who want to engage in independent research projects, have a strong background in molecular/cellular biology and genetics, and are interested in expanding their skills over two years before heading to grad and/or med school. Please email Susan (susan @ directly to inquire about upcoming openings.


Graduate Students

Graduate students can join the lab through the Molecular & Cellular Biology Program or the Biology Department at the University of Washington. Please email Susan (susan @ directly to inquire about a lab rotation and/or potential projects.


Postdoctoral Fellows

Inquiries from highly motivated and scientifically enthusiastic prospective postdocs to pursue multidisciplinary projects in the general areas of wound repair, nuclear organization/architecture, and/or cytoskeletal dynamics are welcome. We are also open to proposals for developing new research questions. Interested candidates should email a copy of their CV, names/contact info of three references, and a description of past research accomplishments and future research interests to susan (susanp @