J. LEE NELSON LAB -- Volunteer

Volunteer for Studies

The only study we are currently recruiting for is multiple sclerosis and pregnancy. The study is recruiting women with multiple sclerosis who are planning to become pregnant or are currently pregnant. Please contact our study coordinator at (206) 667-6840 or toll free at (866) 648-1917 if you would like to participate.

Participation includes donating blood samples (2-3 tablespoons) before pregnancy, during each trimester, and after delivery. Blood samples can be drawn at the Prevention Studies Clinic located on the Fred Hutchinson South Lake Union Campus or at a convenient phlebotomy lab and sent to us. We also collect a sample of umbilical cord blood from the placenta before it is discarded after delivery. In addition, we may schedule a short physical exam at the time of the blood draws or seek records from the patient’s neurologist. Participants are also requested to complete a short questionnaire that contains questions regarding health and reproductive history. Family members including the patient’s partner and her parents are invited to participate by providing a cheek