HENIKOFF LAB -- Recent Research

Current Research in the Henikoff Lab

In recent years, we have expanded our scope from nucleosome dynamics to interactions with other components of the epigenome, including nucleosome remodelers, transcription factors and RNA polymerase II. We aim to understand the elusive relationship between chromatin conformation and epigenetic inheritance. Towards this end, we have developed several genomic and computational tools that have allowed us to elucidate transcriptional regulatory dynamics and the chromatin basis for centromere diversity.

Active chromatin, nucleosome turnover and DNA torsion

When RNA Polymerase encounters a nucleosome

Chromatin profiling: from ChIP to CUT&RUN

Cell-type-specific epigenomic landscaping  

Diversity of centromere structures

How is the chromatin landscape re-established?

Structural epigenomics