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Chen Group Newsletter | August 2018

Welcome to the August 2018 edition of the Chen Group Newsletter. This newsletter is where you can find the most relevant team and Center-wide updates, news, and highlights. 

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Author: Eline Appelmans

Upcoming Events

Chen Group Team Lunch

August 15th at I Love Sushi. This lunch is a thank you to Xiaoyuew Wang, Erin Song, Kelvin Dankwa, and Kevin Zhong for their efforts and contributions to our team.  


Chen Group Summer Retreat (invitation only)

August 30th at Botanical gardens Wisteria Hall Arboretum. Honored guest speakers include: Ross Prentice from the Department of Biostatistics at the University of Washington and Ann Duerr from HOPE at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Recent & Upcoming Presentations 

Sahar Zangeneh: Partially Missing at Random and Ignorable Inferences for Parameter Subsets with Missing Data Invited plenary 14th Iranian Statistics Conference (bi-annual): Sharoud University, Semnan Province, Iran. August 2018

Peng Liu* and Yijian Huang and Kwun Chuen Gary Chan and Ying Qing Chen: Semiparametric Trend Analysis for Recurrent Event Data Under Weak Comparability. JSM, Vancouver Canada July 28th - August 2nd 2018

Recurrent event data are frequently encountered in many clinical trial studies and medical research, where each subject encounters more than one event. A much discussed aspect of recurrent event is the presence or absence of time trend. Trend refers to systematic variation among the occurrence rates of times between events, it can be used as a measure of disease progression. Wang and Chen [Biometrics, 56, 789-794 (2000)] proposed a strong comparability concept to study the trend in recurrent event data. In this paper we propose weak comparability under the same assumption as Wang and Chen (2000). Our proposed concept can produce more comparable pairs and thus result in a more efficient estimate. Monte Carlo simulation as well as real data analyse are performed to validate the effectiveness of the new method.

Sayan Dasgupta* and Cheng Zheng and Ying Qing Chen and Asad Haris: Data Enriched Generalized Linear Methods. JSM, Vancouver Canada July 28th - August 2nd 2018

In infectious disease research, candidate preventive interventions are usually assessed by randomized clinical trials on disease outcomes. However, these trials tend to be small, and may be compromised by insufficient power due to a number of factors, which in turn will reduce their actual population impact. One way to possibly circumvent the power loss is by harnessing external data that contain valuable information on the related trials. Although not of the same scientific rigor as that of randomized clinical trials, they still may contain valuable information about disease outcomes caused by the pathogen of interest, patient characteristics, and/or candidate preventive interventions. Taking advantage of this information in the external big data, we develop both regularization and data-driven weighting methods to improve estimation of efficacy and risk prediction in the randomized clinical trials. Among regularization methods, we use L1 and L2 penalized shrinkage methods as well as their combination. We also propose a novel weighted shrinkage estimator, based on first-order approximation and its higher order versions, and compare it with the James-Stein type shrinkage estimator.

Ying Qing Chen and Elly Appelmans: Invited for Predicting PrEP Uptake and Adherence among Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Sub-Saharan Africa: Leveraging Programmatic and Clinical Trials Data Supplement HIVR4P, Madrid, Spain October 21st - 25th 2018


Fogel JM, Sandfort T, Zhang Y, Guo X, Clarke W, Breaud A, Cummings V, Hamilton EL, Ogendo A, Kayange N, Panchia R, Dominguez K, Chen YQ, Eshleman SH. Accuracy of Self-Reported HIV Status Among African Men and Transgender Women Who Have Sex with Men Who were Screened for Participation in a Research Study: HPTN 075. AIDS and behavior. 2018. Epub 2018/07/28. doi: 10.1007/s10461-018-2231-1. PMID: 30051192.

Team Updates

Grant Submitted:

Predicting PrEP Uptake and Adherence among Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Sub-Saharan Africa: Leveraging Programmatic and Clinical Trials Data Supplement. Expect more news September 2018

Summer Internships Ending:

Thank you Erin, Kelvin, and Kevin for participating in the Chen Group Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Epidemiology Program here at Fred Hutch June/July-August 2018.


“Working in this lab, I like the level of autonomy that each of us interns have to work on our projects! It gives us the space to have our own hypotheses and formulate our understandings of each topic. Also, it allows us to struggle, but that forces us to adapt and seek alternative ways to learn. Additionally, I like the group itself. It seems that whenever I run into a roadblock, there is always someone within the department that is ready to help me navigate around it.” (Kelvin Dankwa)


Center Updates

BBE Picnic


Main Campus, Near the Vessel

Contact Information

Shannan Moran - 206.667.1028

Event description

2018 Annual Fred Hutch-SCCA Employee Celebration Thursday, August 23, 11 a.m.–2 p.m. This year’s Employee Celebration will be an opportunity to come together for food, fun and appreciation of our most valuable resources: YOU! Thank you for everything you do, each and every day, in support of our mission. 

Picnic Highlights:

  • Music
  • Games
  • Photo Booth
  • Golden Ticket Prizes – Check your Cracker Jack bag to see if you’re a winner
  • We will have the traditional fare: burgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers and veggie dogs, Cracker Jack, lemonade and baseball cookie