Some past and present software contributions

In chronological order:

  • Oncoscape - Web-based, menu-driven  analysis and  visualization of molecularly-rich clinical data. Coming features.
  • - A resource-sharing web-service on the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud
  • BioTapestry - A tool for documentation, visualization and analysis of gene regulatory network, especially in developing multi-cellular organisms
  • Dizzy - Multiple stochastic and deterministic simulation algorithms, fast and easy to use
  • SBML - The Systems Biology Markup Language, a standard for sharing models
  • Mogul - A software tool that integrates multiple transcription factor binding site prediction algorithms
  • SUGAR - The Sea Urchin Genome Annotation Resource (version 1.0)
  • NetBuilder - A visual modeling tool for gene regulatory networks
  • BioArray - Gene expression analysis tools for spotted nylon macroarrays