Research Presentations

  • Challenges and opportunities in high throughput sequencing, STTR Precision Medicine Retreat, Oct 2017. PDF
  • Cohort Selection forImmunotherapy, Seattle Glioma Working Group, Dec 2015. PDF
  • Expert-guided Visual Exploration (EVE) for patient stratification, ATME, Oct 2015. PDF
  • Discovery & Modeling of Genomic Regulatory Networks with Big Data. CROI 2015, Frontiers in Laboratory Science, Seattle, 23-26 Feb 2015. PDF (link to online presentation)
  • Prioritization of cis-regulatory variants in cancer using  whole-genome sequencing  and integrative analysis of ChIP-seq and chromatin-state data. XGEN 2013, San Diego, 18-20 March 2013. PDF
  • Integration of 198 ChIP-seq datasets reveals human cis-regulatory regions, UW Computational Molecular Biology program Annual Symposium, May 21st 2012. PDF
  • Using network modeling to predict Wnt pathway dysregulation, UW Medicine Pathology (Path Presents Series), March 9th 2011. PDF
  • Predicting predisposition to Wnt pathway dysregulation, Division of Cancer Prevention (Integrating Mathematical Modeling into Cancer Prevention seminar series), National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Feb 25th 2011. PDF
  • High throughout data analysis at the bench, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, Dec 1st 2010. PDF
  • Making the most of personal genomics in medicine, Institut Pasteur, Paris, Dec 2nd 2010; and Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Nov 29th 2010. PDF
  • Reproducible Research in Genomics and Systems Biology, MS Redmond Campus, Sept 8th 2010, and Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Sept 17th 2010. PDF