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Computer code to reproduce analyses and paper:

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Computer code to reproduce analyses and paper:    

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Computer code to reproduce analyses and paper:

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Computer code to reproduce analyses and paper:

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Coverage in The Atlantic
Coverage in WIRED
Katherine's broad-audience write-up in The Conversation

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phydms software  

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Preview article in Cell Host and Microbe | PDF

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Spotlight article in Trends in Microbiology | PDF

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Hutch news article
the Molecular Ecologist blog


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dms_tools software

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Phylogenetic analysis of lactamase (software, data, description)
Phylogenetic analysis of nucleoprotein (software, data, description)

Bargavi Thyagarajan and Jesse D. Bloom. "The inherent mutational tolerance and antigenic evolvability of influenza hemagglutinin." eLife. 3:e03300 (2014) | PDF
Computational analysis of deep-sequencing data (software, data, description)
Phylogenetic analysis (software, data, description)
Deep-sequencing data, SRA accession SRP040983

Jesse D. Bloom. "An experimentally determined evolutionary model dramatically improves phylogenetic fit." Molecular Biology and Evolution. 30:1956-1978 (2014) | PDF
Computational analysis of deep-sequencing data (software, data, and description)
Phylogenetic analysis (software, data, and description)
Deep-sequencing data, SRA accession SRP036064

L. Ian Gong and Jesse D. Bloom. "Epistatically interacting substitutions are enriched during adaptive protein evolution." PLoS Genetics. 10:e1004328 (2014) | PDF   
Software to build mutational trajectories
Software to map epitopes

Jeff Butler, Kathryn A. Hooper, Stephen Petrie, Raphael Lee, Sebastian Maurer-Stroh, Lucia Reh, Teagan Guarnaccia, Chantal Baas, Lumin Xue, Sophie Vitesnik, Sook-Kwan Leang, Jodie McVernon, Anne Kelso, Ian G. Barr, James M. McCaw, Jesse D. Bloom, and Aeron C. Hurt. "Estimating the Fitness Advantage Conferred by Permissive Neuraminidase Mutations in Recent Oseltamivir-Resistant A(H1N1)pdm09 Influenza Viruses." PLoS Pathogens. 10:e1004065 (2014) | PDF


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Article of Significant Interest Selected from This Issue by the Editors

Alejandro B. Balazs, Jesse D. Bloom, Christin M. Hong, Dinesh S. Rao & David Baltimore. "Broad protection against influenza infection by vectored immunoprophylaxis in mice." Nature Biotechnology. 31:647-652 (2013) | PDF

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eLife insight article
Faculty of 1000 review
Software to build mutational trajectory
eLife selects four outstanding papers, showcases early-career investigators


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PIPS software


Jesse D. Bloom, L. Ian Gong, and David Baltimore. “Permissive secondary mutations enable the evolution of influenza oseltamivir resistance.” Science. 5983:1272-1275 (2010) | PDF
Perspectives article at Science
Faculty of 1000 review

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PIPS software

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Faculty of 1000 review

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Faculty of 1000 review

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Faculty of 1000 review

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Faculty of 1000 review

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Faculty of 1000 review

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Faculty of 1000 review


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